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Everyones time in year 4

Hi again i have only just joined Whissendine primary school and have not had a long time here and most of you have. i have had a great time in year 4. Have you? I would love to hear about what you have enjoyed in this class. So i challenge you to write a few sentences about what you have learnt and what you you have enjoyed.

Year 4

Oh no it is coming up to the end of the year we only have one more week left.???? even though I haven't been at this wonderful school a whole year I all ready feel like I have been hear for ever! It has been a privilege to be working with amazing people and there has been so many opitunitys so I am very great full for that. Over the past few months I have had a great time learning many new things and challenging myself there have been a few ups and downs but I have refreshed myself when it has been a new day. Thank you to all of my friends that have stood with me all the way and a great big thank you to the wonderful Mrs young I don't think I could have achieved the thins I have achieved with out you so THANK YOU for everything.smiley


From Kiyomi 


Living The Tudor way

My name is Kiyomi Leigh Topham and i am a tudor pesent living in the tudor times is hard work and i sometimes find it very stressfull. My king is King Henry VIII he is dredfull. He has already had six wives and three children he beheaded two of them divorced and one of them died and her name is Jane Seymour she died a few days after giving birth from Edward VI sad death but she was getting old i don't blame her. Speaking about oldness Henry is getting old by the second his hairs falling out he's getting extremly fat and he is most defenetly getting a tempere. I just hope his anger does not come into this village of Whissendine because life has only just got better from the huge storm that happend a few weeks ago it was heart breaking to see that that silly old king was lieing inn bed eating cake and chocolate and alll of his huge pork pies. We just have to take matters in our own hands don't we now.Everthing is just o ne big mistake he gets something wroung blames it on someone else and then  beheads someone else i do not want to be tat person intill i am ready for it.

Anyway i hjave to get back to some house jobs so see you later everone and have a grea day.

BYE BYE.smileycheeky



Hilltop is and outdoor centre that is Norfolk and it takes two and a half for is to get there.



On the weekends Its all about realaxing and chilling on the sofa... NOT IN MY HOUSE!  Every weekend I have to go to dance, and gymnastics it is abserlootly awsome.  My Mum and Dad are driving back and forth to get me everywhere.  Sometimes we get up early to go shopping in Melton shopping market, we find it easier to go there before my dance because my dance is near there.

On Sunday I go to Nottingham Gymnastics C.1 lesson (my gymnastics lesson.) Its all the way in Nottingham, as you can tell by the name.  My Dad, Mum and Sister sometimes come with but usally my Dad.  They go shopping for three whole hours and when it is lunch the go to the cafe.


That's my weekend.  Hope you enjoyed I will be blogging again soon.


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