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A Sneezeing cold and a cup of sugar

Geas what the same thing happened a cup of sugar, a cold, a pig as dead s a door nail and a hole miss under standing. So the wolf went to the next house and the pig that lived there must have been smarter than the other, but still pretty dum. He boult his house of sticks. The wolf asked him if he could have a cup of sugar. The pig said no. Then te wolf felt a sneeze coming on so he huffed and he puffed and he ... blew the house down. And there the pig was as dead as a door nail right in the middle of it all. It wasn't the wolves folt that he ate cute little lambs and pigs. Like humans eat a starter and a main think of it as the main... The wolf ate the pig!!surprise

My 2014 Christmas Blog

When it was Christmas I went to my Grandma and Granddad's house. We got very exited but unfortunettly my dad couldn't come because he was at his works Christmas party.no

My Mum wanted Darcie, my little sister, to be with the family because it would be her first Christmas.



I am very happy to be doing this topic this term  because it is intersting  laugh

A sneeze and a cup of sugar part 2

 So the wolf went to the next house witch as you can imagine the same thing happened with that .then the wolf went to the next house it was made of brick  he knocked at the door but there was no answer . He shouted Mr pig Mr pig are you in he replied go away then the wolf said can I have a cup sugar.


My Christmas

I loved my Christmas of the great  presents  and i loved my Christmas cause we had Christmas dinner.smiley

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