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on  the weekend I went to see leiester foxes vs northants and leister was really good me and my friend got a picture with the foxes over seas player called clinton mckay he is a ausie.

wolf's version

The wolf said it's my version and there is no other. It's a bit of an understanding people say that I bloow people's house's down.  I was making a birthday cake for me granny's birthday and I ran out of suger.I ran to next door and it was the first little pig and his home was made out  of straw and I just wanted some suger. Suddenly I felt a sneeze coming on ha chew.I sneezed his house down.

my christmas

This christmas I din't go many places I just stayed at home on christmas day and eve but on christmas my Auntie and uncle, Nanny came around but nanny din''t stay for dinner and my Auntie and uncle stayed for dinner and they gave me some presents. 


respect is a very important r in  our school because it plays a big part in are friendship and is are  main foucous in terms of rs



I had a great time at hilltop and I wish I could go there again the best bit for me was problaby the big zipper because you got almost fly in the air! my best day was my day becuase we went on the big zipper and bikes.

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