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A Bag of sugar (part2)


Next The wolf Went to the stick house ,the guy was the first pigs brother. The wolf asked for some sugar ,no answer but then he sneezed. Then the house fell down ,the wolf realised the pig was DEAD...


My Christmas holiday.

smiley.On Christmas eve I went to wales with my mum,dad,sister and dog Rosie to see my mums family for Christmas on that night we went to a in a near by village when we got back we were really exited for Christmas day. In the morning we woke up at 7o'clock in the morning to open are presents from Santa .At half past 7 we went down stairs to have breakfast. later that day we opend our presents from other people from my mum and dad I got a ticket to go to F1 in spa yeah!smiley


Last week on Monday we set of for our hilltop visit witch was amazing and a fabulous experience.We also went with St Nicholas primary school. We luckily had amazing weather although we had a little bit of rain but it made the assault corse even more better !!! On the way we estimated (me & Daisy) 2hours 32 muinites which is quite a long time????????????

my easter break

At Easter i went on holiday with my mum & dad my 2 very annoying sisters my uncle and cusion.

when we got back we spent our time on the garden before it was fianilly time to go back to school to see my freinds.whilst we were visiting the seaside my dad brought some sticks of rock for me to eat and some spares for my freinds!!!!!!!!!!!


  did you visit anywere nice and were did you go??????????

The story continues

The big bad wolf then goes to the third little pigs house and that's the one made out of straw. The big bad wolf knocked on the little pigs house please , please come in, I'm only looking for some sugar to make my granny a cake.the little pig shouted go away ,go away im scratching my Chine chin chin.


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